“M” is for…

May 29, 2006 at 9:54 am (Fun)

Here’s a fun little game, courtesy of Lauren and then Shannon.  It works like this:  Shannon assigned me a letter (B), and I have to list ten things that start with M, and why I chose them.  If you want to play, email me and I’ll assign you a letter, etc. etc.  Got it?  Good.

Ten Significant Words that Start With the Letter M (not necessarily in order):

1. Mark: My hubby of almost 13 years. We dated for 4 years before that so I’ve officially known him for more than half my life. He is a great dad and a wonderful spiritual leader of our family.
2. My Mom: She is amazing. She sacrificed so much over the years (which I didn’t realize until I had kids of my own). She is a godly woman who has changed so many lives through her work at crisis pregnancy centers and her counseling. She is an awesome Grammie and gives me a break once a week by watching the kids for me. How cool is that?
3. McDreamy: One of the reasons I watch "Grey’s Anatomy" – my favorite show. If you watch you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, well your loss.
4. Mercy Me: They sing this amazing song called "I Can Only Imagine" about what it will be like in heaven (or more accurately that we don’t know). It makes me cry every time. Someone has to sing it at my funeral.
5. Motherhood: What can I say, it’s the hardest but most rewarding job there is. There are days when it makes me cry and days when it makes me laugh and I wouldn’t trade either for anything.
6. Mercy: It astounds me to think of the mercy that God bestows on each one of us – how he loves us and cares for us. How his heart breaks when we are hurting.
7. Men: Of course they drive us crazy at times but there are so many that have had an impact on my life – my dad, my brothers, my father-in-law, brother-in-law, professors, pastors and friends. If only they could learn to put the new roll of toilet paper ON the holder.
8. Military: While we only spent 4 years in the Army, I have a small insight into the life of the military family. My heart goes out to all those women (and men) who’s spouses, children, etc are fighting for freedom. Whether or not you agree with the politics those men and women are doing their job, no questions asked, and risking their lives for the freedom of people in a different country. My prayers go out to them, especially on this Memorial Day.
9.  Movies: I’m a movie junkie and I admit it. I love going to the movies, renting movies. I like all genres – action, comedy, romantic, drama. I enjoy watching the ones with award-winning performances and the silly romantic comedies that will never win an Oscar.
10. "Move It. Move It.": You know, the song from Madagascar. The one you can’t get out of your head. My kids LOVE this song and sing it all the time. The watch the music video on the DVD over and over. My son even drew a picture and sentence in his kindergarten journal and I’ll be darned if those stick figures don’t actually look like they’re doing the dance 🙂


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