I’m back and lucky to be alive!

May 13, 2006 at 10:04 am (Faith)

Well yes, I’m still around. I’ve been in CT this week visiting one of my oldest and dearest friends and seeing her newest child – adorable Jacob. I had meant to post a "see you later" post before I left, but life kind of interfered with my plans.

Leaving church on Sunday noon I was involved in what I can only describe as a somewhat-horrifying car accident. I had my two kids and two of my son’s friends (other pastor’s kids) in the vehicle. We were making a quick stop at the store and then off to one of the boy’s house for a BBQ/Swim party. Turning left I was hit head on by a large truck that witnesses have said ran the red light. I never saw the truck until it honked it’s horn at which point, of course, it was too late. My van spun 180 degrees, hit a pole, the airbags went off, smoke filled the van. It still replays in my head in slow motion.

I remember just praying that the kids would be okay and not be freaked out. When we came to a stop and I turned around I could see that all the kids (buckled into safety seats) were okay. The two friends were quiet, my son and daughter were hysterical.

God’s hand of protection was obviously upon all of us. Immediately we were surrounded by people from  church (all on their way home too) who helped get the kids out of the van and to the side of the road. Jonathon pulled his truck up on the curb so the kids and I had someplace to sit down. The fire dept was there in less than 2 minutes. Our church people also attended to the lady in the truck and I’m sure did an awesome job of showing God’s love to her as well.

The kids are all okay – mine had some seatbelt burns on their necks which have already faded. I sprained my right ankle pretty bad and may have some torn ligaments. I also have a lovely bruise taking up half of my left calf. All injuries that will heal with some time.

It is so awesome to know what an incredible church family we have and what great friends. We love you all. I’d appreciate prayers for continued healing and that we’ll find a replacement vehicle. (My husband LOVES to hunt for cars 🙂

You can read more about the accident from…

my husband
our pastor


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