Super Freaky

April 18, 2006 at 5:47 pm (Uncategorized)

Okay, so I actually did this meme not quite a year ago but Stacey tagged me again. And since I’m lazy, I’m just reposting the original list. Besides, there are REALLY only 6 weird things about me (NOT!)

THE RULES: Each person tagged must state 6 weird things about
themselves. Next, those who are tagged are to write a blog of their own
6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need
to choose 6 more people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget
to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell
them to read your blog.

1) Like Addie I cannot stand to have feet touching my legs. It’s not necessarily that feet gross me out I just don’t like stuff touching me all the time.

2) I CANNOT stand to be really close to someone’s face – has to do with the hot air on my face I guess. This also applies to not being able to have anything over my own face for very long because I can feel my breath. So hiding under the blankets with my kids doesn’t last very long. This is the exact opposite of my husband who sleeps with the sheet pulled over and tucked under his head.

3) I refuse to touch fish. All of my fishing trips as a child – someone else had to take the fish off the hook. My uncle tried to make me touch a fish once when I was about 10 and had me in tears.

4)I am semi-afraid of the water. It took me 3 different sessions of beginning swim lessons to pass. I would never be the one to dive down to the bottom of the DEEP end on the last day. Now, of course, I can swim and I love going in the pool but I do not like swimming out in the ocean or in a lake. Part of it is not knowing what is underneath me (see #3). I freak out if someone dunks me under water (tons of fun for my brothers growing up). All of this is probably rooted in two near drowning experiences as a child. My worst fear is driving off a bridge into a lake or something and being trapped in the car.

5) I cannot close just my left eye. I didn’t know this until attempting to shoot a shotgun when I was 16 (target practice). It’s impossible to line up a site w/o closing your left eye. The solution that time – drape a sock over my head that covered my eye 🙂 Last time I just tied a bandana over my eye. Despite this I’m a pretty good shot and love to go target shooting w/ hubby.

6) Ever since having kids I cannot dye my own hair w/ a box – it always turns orange – no matter what I try – hormonal changes I guess. After doing this 3 times and then paying to have it fixed I decided to leave it to professionals.

7) I can crack my toes – all of them. I just kind of do this weird wiggle thing and they crack. The sound totally creeps husband out.

And I tagged 6 people last time, and I really only know the same 6 bloggers, at leas well enough to tag, isn’t that sad.


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