Spring Cleaning Rituals

April 4, 2006 at 12:09 am (Uncategorized)

The year is 1994. My mother is coming, for the first time, to visit me and new husband in our 350 sq. ft. apt in college married student housing. Me, being the good girl that I am, start in on a major cleaning. Hubby stares at me as I begin washing the walls (painted cement block) with a soapy sponge.

Hubby: “WHAT are you doing?”
Me: “Washing the walls” (thinking, “duh”)
Hubby: “Why?”
Me: “My mom’s coming. I’m cleaning.”
Hubby: “But you’re washing the walls.”
Me: “Yeeees” (beginning to get annoyed)
Hubby: “I’ve never seen anyone wash walls before.”
Me: (not surprised) “Well, my mom always did. We do the baseboards too.”
Hubby leaves room before he gets roped into helping.

So I began to ponder the many cleaning rituals we had at my house (that I have since adopted – well most of them) and wondered how strange my mom really was. So I’m curious as to your spring cleaning rituals (or 2-3 times a year).

Mine are:

dust the top of ceiling fans (sometimes more often)
wash the walls (not every single one – but the high traffic areas)
wash the baseboards – mainly that ledge where everything collects
touch up paint on said walls
clean out the linen closet
get the carpets cleaned
go through clothes/books, etc. and donate stuff to Goodwill
wash the slipcovers on living room couch, loveseat
have bed comforter dry cleaned (well this one is new)
clean all the light switches of smudgy, crumb-covered fingerprints
clean out cabinets and wash them inside and out

Yet to adopt:
wash windows and screens and scrub tracks with a toothbrush

So am I just wildly anal about cleaning? (Especially for someone who really does not like the actual act of cleaning.)


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