Hubby On Strike (Not mine)

April 2, 2006 at 9:21 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m an admitted news junkie and love reading the wacky stories online. I couldn’t resist this headline “Husband on strike: Honey, let’s ditch the kids”. Read the article here. His blog is here

So what are his demands. Here’s a brief list…

No children in their bedroom, unless his son or daughter is sick. The majority of the time, he says, Jayla falls asleep in bed with his wife, and he often retreats to the couch.

He also wants to go on dates with Valentina. For instance, he wanted to take her to a fancy restaurant without the kids for their fifth anniversary. But she wanted them to come along.

He would prefer his son have an earlier bedtime. He estimates that James III goes to bed around 11:30 p.m. His wife, who’ll be returning soon to her job in social work, prefers the later schedule.

You can read her side of the story in the news article. I have to say that I agree with him on all the points (I’m not as particular about the bedroom thing although my husband and I have never really had the kids in our bed because then neither of us get sleep).

The date thing is serious though. I mean she won’t even go out for a 5th anniversary??? I’m wondering if there’s more to this then meets the eye. To me it sounds like she’s avoiding him. I think it’s so important for spouses to have alone time. Hubby and I try and do date night a minimum of every other week and we love it. We also try and do one vacation a year just by ourselves whether it’s 3-4 days in San Diego or a week in Hawaii. (Last year it was 2 weeks in Europe – Yeah 🙂

So what do you guys think?


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