Why my kids are silly

March 24, 2006 at 12:34 am (Uncategorized)

SCENE: Sitting at a table at Legoland, having just gotten ice cream.

Natty (3) on her third bite: “oooooh, it’s cold”
Noah (6) “Duh sissy, that’s why they call it ICE cream. They take ice and they mix flavors in and it changes colors”
Mom: “Well actually there’s no ice in ice cream”
Dad: “But it’s used to make it.”
Noah: (GIGGLES) “When I was born I had sugar in my tummy.”
Mom: (Wondering what science lesson I missed): “WHAT????”
Noah: “When sissy and I were born we had sugar in our tummy. That’s why we’re so silly.”



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