Reporting from Carlsbad

March 22, 2006 at 4:45 pm (Uncategorized)

It just took me 30 minutes to catch up reading everyone’s blogs. You guys have been busy.

Our vacation is going great. The kids did finally fall asleep and we hit Legoland at 10 a.m. on Mon when they opened. Luckily our resort is right across the street which saved us $8 in parking. The kids had a blast and were really very good. We didn’t lose anyone…for those of you who know my kids, you know this is a major accomplishment 🙂

LL is nice in that it has a lot of rides for the littler kids. There were a few that Natalie couldn’t go on, but plenty to make up for it. They’re favorite of the day was the roller coaster at Dino Island. I consider it a major accomplishment that we got our son on the ride as he is usually very afraid of that type of thing. This coaster was pretty good “starter” – no big drops really, just a couple small drops that made you go around the curves fast. Even Natalie could ride w/ an adult. She wasn’t too sure of it on the first lap but by the second lap – when she realized that screaming was encouraged on roller coasters – she was estatic. They dragged us on it for a second time right away.

Natalie called MeeMaw and Pa and said “We went on a roller coaster and I got a new scream.” They’re dying to ride it again when we go back tomorrow.

Tuesday was putz around day – or thrift store day. I don’t know how many of you like to go to thrift stores but it’s like a sport with us. I swear my hubby can sniff out all the thrift stores now matter what town we travel too. The kids love looking at toys.

We hit the pool and waterpark at the resort in the afternoon. The pool is heated. The waterpark is NOT.

We putzed around again today, hit a couple more thrift stores. Tomorrow it’s back to Legoland and probably the beach on Fri. The weather has been gorgeous. It was supposed to be rainy yesterday but it was just sunshine. Let’s hope it stays like this!


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