We’re here…

March 19, 2006 at 9:11 pm (Uncategorized)

We made it to Carlsbad with our sanity in tact, for the most part. The kids were crazy this morning but calmed down once we actually got under way. We finally left at 10 a.m. to my husband’s dismay (his goal was 8 – whatever).

Oh, and I found my camera charger. Love my son. I showed him a picture of it and said “do you know where it is?” Turns out it was in the garage in one of his “contraptions”. I had been painting some furniture in the garage one day and he was amusing himself with plugging various things into the power strip. At least he has a good memory.

The kids said some pretty funny stuff in the car on the way here and now I can’t remember it. We even saw hail and some snow – between AZ and CA – that was a first.

While writing this I have been into the kid’s room (2 bdrm condo) about 6 times to tell them to be quiet. They’re like those 2 kids on the Disney commerical “I’m too excited to sleep.”


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