Nose Picking Dilemma

March 13, 2006 at 10:26 am (Uncategorized)

Most mom’s spend the first several years of their child’s life telling them “Stop picking your nose.” With my eldest I’ve never had that problem. He has NEVER been a nose picker. I thought this was perhaps my fault. I’m one of those moms who loves to pick – I can’t stand crusty noses, peeling skin, scabs hanging off, etc. (Weird to admit but I love to peel skin from someone who has a peeling sunburn – ewww I know….I’m just strange.)

So I was relentless in keeping Noah’s nose clean. Now he’s six. And he refuses to pick his nose. He gets completely grossed out by the idea of touching boggers. And he can’t really blow his nose. And you know that blowing just doesn’t always cut it. So I am left to pick his nose – which he also hates because he says it hurts. His dad actually offered to pay him a dollar the other night if he would clean his nose with the Kleenex. It took about 20 minutes but he finally did it. Seems it was a one time thing though. (Unless we want to keep paying him $1.)

My cute little princess Natalie – she loves to pick her nose. Where did I go wrong?


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