Tuesday Thanks

March 7, 2006 at 8:17 am (Uncategorized)

I decided that each Tuesday I’d take some time to be thankful for someone or something. Today I decided that the subject would be friends. Over my 32 years God has blessed me with some incredible friendships. Some for only short periods of time, others have been around for years, and some are fairly new. Each person has filled a unique role with their friendship and I would not be the same person I am today without their friendship.

Bresha, Cassie, Angela, Angela – my childhood friends. Some of you I still have infrequent contact with but nevertheless I have fond memories of all those school years and the 5 of us hanging out. We went through those horrible pre-teen years together and made it through to the other side.

Nikki – My California friend. You made my 18 months living in El Cajon so much more enjoyable – and provided some drama (the whole Kim thing). It was a blast to reunite at college and you were a great roomie – even if it was only for a year. I was honored to be your maid of honor and so glad we have continued our friendship for the last 20 years.

Kim, Georgia, Laurie, Bresha (again) – Aah, high school. Thanks for making my transfer to PC so much easier. I had a blast with you gals – ski trip, birthday parties, Ajo Al’s. It was fun to reunite at the reunion. We need to have dinner again!

Kelley & Tera Gean – Tera, I would not have made it through PE without you. I still remember walking those many laps every Friday gabbing about life. It’s fun to read your blog and keep up with you and your family. Kelley, the double date was fun even if the guys did ditch us at the mall. I’m so glad to came to JBU even though things didn’t go exactly as you had planned (and ended up even better). It was nice to have a roomie I was comfortable with already. I’m so glad we’ve stayed friends.

Rubi, Kelli – My military buddies. Those 4 years in San Antonio were an absolute blast and you guys are to thank for that. I’ll never forget my surprise birthday party with the keg. I hate beer but I still get a kick out of telling people I had a kegger 🙂 I’m so proud to watch your families grow and keep up with what you’re doing.

Kerri – My Dallas bud from the good old Primedia days. What would I have done without you. You still amaze me with your dedication and hard work. You have overcome so much in your life and in your recent years and I’m proud of you. You need to come visit me!

Jenny – You have to like me because I married your brother but I love you because you’re you. You’re the sister I never had and the friend I’ve always wanted. Thanks for being there for me in hard times and for letting me share in your life. I’m so happy to watch you and Rob together – just wish you were closer. I’ll just have to fill up that passport I guess.

Kathy, Melisha, Tracey, Michelle, and all the other Palm Valley girls – There are so many friendships I’ve made in the past 4 years at church that it would be impossible to name them all. But having other Christian moms to share and pray with has been such a blessing to me. Each of you inspire me in a different way.

Lori, Tristen, Adrienne – The other pastor’s wives (it’s so weird to think that I’m one of those). It’s a comfort to have other women who understand the demands this job places on our husbands and families. Thank you for helping keep the balance.

Theresa – Though we’ve only known each other for a year it feels like so much longer. You are a blast to be around and I’ve loved being neighbors. I’ll be sad to see you go back to Dallas but it give me one more reason to go back and visit.

Kristen – Well gee, I could write a book here. Who knew that a friendship born out of one year of college together (before you left me) would survive for 15+ years. We both know that God put you in Arkansas for a reason. We have trekked through some pretty tough times together that wouldn’t have been bearable without the other person. Your tenacity and strength amaze me even though I know you don’t feel so strong sometimes. Keep the faith girl. I love you and the family!

Stacey – You came into my life and filled a void I didn’t even know I had. I thought I was fine and dandy but God knew that I needed a special friend that wasn’t 3,000 miles away to support me and encourage me in my daily life. Think of all those chick flicks I would have had to see alone over the years 🙂 You are the most caring, generous person I know and have the biggest heart. Thanks for being you and letting me be me! I love you.

Now go do your own “Tuesday Thanks”.

DISCLAIMER – If you are not mentioned by name please don’t take offense – you still fill a special role in my life – but I’d be here all day if I listed everyone.


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