Yearly Performance Appraisal

March 6, 2006 at 9:38 pm (Uncategorized)

I am in the midst of doing my yearly self-appraisal for my part-time employer (a large university). Can I say how much I hate this process. List your major accomplishments, your goals for next year, strengths and weaknesses. Blah, blah, blah. I thought it would be much more fun to write one for my REAL job – mommy/wife.

Major Accomplishments in 2005

  • Did not kill or maime my children
  • Threw 2 birthday parties – one Batman,one Dora the Explorer
  • Dropped my son off at his first day of kindergarten and did NOT cry – well barely.
  • Completed approximately 250 loads of laundry – not counting the loads I had to wash twice because I forgot and left them in the washer overnight and they smelled moldy. Oh crap, hang on….
  • Cooked over 300 dinners (I use the term “cooked” loosely – i’m including microwaving corn dogs here)
  • Cleaned my house 20 times (seriously – I hate to clean)
  • Had a cleaning lady come clean my house once – loved it – why haven’t I had her back? Oh yeah, it cost $100.
  • Found a pair of jeans that made me look halfway hip (read they don’t come up to my belly button) but don’t show my underwear when I bend over.
  • Lost the last of my pregnancy weight (my youngest is 3).
  • Took a trip to Europe with my husband and no kids
  • Sold a house, built a house, moved, hung pictures, etc.
  • Tried on 20 different swimsuits – realized that I need to get over it and either a) give up trying to wear a bikini or b) realize I don’t look like any of those silly actress moms who can afford personal trainers and just wear a bikini anyways. (I chose A for now.)
  • Purchased and assembled a 12′ trampoline.
  • Hosted numerous tea parties for daughter, Pink Baby, Green Baby, Big Baby, Baby Emily and “Cap Patch” (Cabbage Patch). (We’re real creative with the names around here)

Goals for 2006

  • Do not kill or maime my children
  • Be more patient with said children and learn to use my “inside voice” more
  • Loose the “Barney Songs” CD my 3 year old insists on listening to any time we’re in the car.
  • Refinish our bedroom furniture (too cheap to buy new stuff – painting the old stuff black)
  • Take the kids somewhere fun this summer
  • Have more date nights with hubby
  • Hire someone to come clean my house every once in awhile
  • Flip a house with my mom
  • Make more effort to do fun stuff with the kids on a daily basis instead of putting it off for laundry, cooking, etc.
  • Continue to count my blessings on a daily basis. God is so good!

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