Flashback to Fourteen

February 28, 2006 at 8:25 am (Uncategorized)

One word for you…ow! My teeth hurt, my mouth hurts. No pain, no gain right 🙂 It feels so weird to have the braces on, but very familiar. Took about an hour to get them put on with this big lip spreader thing on my mouth holding my mouth off my teeth. I’m sure I looked really attractive. While the back part of each braces is plastic there is still quite a bit of metal so they’re definitely visible. I had a sudden thought – maybe I should have done Invisilign 🙂 (The reason I didn’t is that self-discipline is not my strong suit and I worried that I wouldn’t be diligent enough about wearing them) This way I have no choice.

So my teeth were pretty sore yesterday – the feel a little better this morning. It’s mostly the bottom teeth which were really crowded. The inside of my mouth is sore too from rubbing on the metal. I know it will toughen up.

I’m bolstered by the fact that the orthodontist said I had beautiful teeth (in and of themselves). He said most adult patients that come in have all kinds of crowns and fillings of which I have none.

I picked up Noah from school and he immediately wanted to see. Mark’s comment was “You look like a teenager”. Natalie kept saying “Braces” every 30 seconds and wanting me to smile.

Haven’t gotten a pic yet (it hurts to smile right now).


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