Hurricane & Its Aftermath

September 11, 2005 at 11:41 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve haven’t had a chance to post any thoughts on the Hurricane on the blog. Too busy watching it all unfold. There’s a lot of things that amaze me – why so many people stayed behind, why it took so long to get food and water to those in the Superdome, why everyone feels the need to blame someone for what did go wrong, why some have turned it into a race issue.

But it’s been cool to see everyone pull together as well. Arizona has about 1,000 evacuees here and it’s been amazing to watch people reach out. The Salvation Army was taking donations at its warehouse. Cars waited in traffic lines for an hour to drop off their donations. The warehouse was full within a few weeks.

As a church we’ve been searching for a way to help. It’s frustrated Mark that none of the big organizations seemed to know what to do with all the people who wanted to help. The Red Cross required extensive training, etc. So many people want to help but no one knows what to do with them it seems.

As it turns out a team of people from our church left for Pascagoula, Miss. to help a local church there with their relief efforts. They’ll be doing cleanup mostly. They’ve got a blog going for that They’re still en route right now.


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