Uh oh, had to call the teacher

August 18, 2005 at 8:47 pm (Uncategorized)

I got an email yesterday from Noah’s teacher saying that he had a rough day and could I please call her at home that evening. Let’s see, we’re on our 12th day of school. Yikes!

Actually it wasn’t that unexpected. I had given her a brief note about Noah’s Sensory Integration Disorder and asked that we talk sometime after things settled a bit. Obviously she was seeing the signs 🙂

We actually had a great talk and I was very encouraged by her response. The books I’ve been reading on SI talk about reluctance and misunderstanding on the part of teachers and the school system. While she didn’t know a lot about SI she had obviously picked up on some of Noah’s behaviors.

She said he likes to stand while he does his work and that’s fine with her. She said she put him at a table with quieter kids and in the least “busy” part of the room to avoid as much stimuli as possible. So she’s already learning to adapt.

She told me that he tends to make a lot of noise at the table, usually quiet noises with his tongue, but they bother the other kids. So I have to try and figure out a stimuli to replace that. Of course they can’t chew gum in class. But he does tend to chew on clothes sometimes so I’m wondering if he had like a washcloth or something to chew on if that would help him concentrate. It’s all such a mystery.

I need to get him formally evaulated for OT and get some guidance at least. His case is not severe but it does interfere with his school just enough to worry me. He’s so smart though. And he has a really good heart.

She said that she sat down with him during recess and asked him why he was having so much trouble and he said, “Every day I come to school and I really try to be good.” How cute is he!?


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