Running on fumes, literally

July 29, 2005 at 12:10 pm (Uncategorized)

Besides being terribly tired and running on fumes physically, we’re running on paint fumes as well. The painters are back today to finish up the wonderful job they are doing. Today they have to work around all the furniture that is piled in the middle of the rooms. That’s right. We got furniture! The movers came yesterday and had everything unloaded in about 4 hours. It was wonderful to sit in a chair and just tell them where to put stuff. Definitely the way to go!

Mom and dad helped last night with some stuff – mom unpacked my kitchen. Dad started to demo the closet shelves to make way for the closet organizers that I want to install. I can’t do much unpacking in our room until that’s done.

The kids beds are together and made. Being able to leave clothes in dresser drawers helped a lot with the settling in process for them. First thing this morning Noah dug into the toys. They are now strewn out all over the playroom. I need to wrestle them under control. It’s going to be and adjustment going from that huge bonus room we had down to the smaller playroom. But we’ll figure it out.

Later today is the big Home Depot shopping trip to get blinds, closet organizers, new sink, ceiling fans, etc. Whee. Lots to do. I’ll get pictures put up in a few days.


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