The Life of a Gypsy

July 9, 2005 at 4:37 pm (Uncategorized)

My family of 4 is currently leading the life of gypsies. We are building a new home that will be done on July 26th. But we sold our old home and had to be out June 30th. But, as ever, God is so awesome in providing us with places to stay.

The first week we stayed at my parents house that, while not convenient to Mark’s job or church, was a welcome site and we loved using the spa to soothe our moving muscle aches. With them on vacation we pretty much had the run of the house. It was also nice in that it was a familar spot to the kids.

Last week we moved to the house of friends of ours who are out of the country for 2 weeks. They have young kids so there are plenty of toys to play with and best of all they have a pool. I think we’ve been in the water every day. The kids are loving it and it’s helping with their progress at learning to swim.

After they return we’ll have about one more week. We will either be back at my parents or staying with other friends while the wife and kids are out of town.

While packing and repacking every week or so isn’t exactly fun we are so blessed by friends and family who are letting us crash. The kids are taking it in stride as well. Natalie has been a little clingy and keeps saying “We go home?” But we are all surviving.

I can’t wait for the house to be done, painters to come and to get our stuff out of the Mobile Mini’s.


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